No weddings, no events Floriculturists have their own ordeal to share in this pandemic

Gangtok, June 5:
Almost everything under the sun has been badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, in this scenario how floral industries can only survive?  Phalaenopsis Orchids, Anthurium, Gerbera and succulents are flowers which were perfectly grown like every year but last year suddenly nationwide Lock-down was declared followed by many other lockdown which lasted for nearly four-month and now also due to the second wave of the pandemic we failed to sell our flowers in the market and we have to throw all the flowers incurring heavy losses shared Floriculturist Bishnu Kumar Rai of Radang, Namli GPU under Rumtek –Martam constituency.  
Bishnu Kumar Rai is growing flowers since 2008 in his nursery named Hamro Nursery (Our Nursery) which is spread in 2 acres of land. He earns his livelihood from the flower business only; he grows flowers in 2 acres of land with five to six nurseries in which Phalaenopsis Orchids, Anthurium, Gerbera, succulents, and cactus are being grown every year.  
In a normal day, there used to be marriages, events, pujas parties so for the purpose of decoration we used to get huge orders from organizers and we used to supply as per the demands and we used to earn in handsomely but ever since the Pandemic has begun our income has reduced drastically and last year we incurred a loss of more than one Lakh and this year also 60 to 70 thousand we have incurred loss thankfully we are not allowed to sell flowers from 7 am to 12 pm as per the government direction so we are able to sell something but last year we incurred heavy loss shared Rai. 
We are happy that the department is inquiring about our losses as they also cannot do anything in this pandemic but still it acts as moral support for us and we have received some compensatory amount of Rs 10,000 from the government for which we are grateful. Now it is been nearly two years we have to sell our products so it would be very nice if the government allows us to sell flowers like essential commodities as we lacking inn funds to regrow flowers and to renovate our nurseries shared Rai. 
No weddings, no events Floriculturists have their own ordeal to share in this pandemic
It was good business before lockdown but the pandemic has hit us badly, during the pre-lock-down time we used to earn nearly 50 thousand and to be honest I have built a new house also but now it is really difficult and just praying for the end of this pandemic so that we can do something again.


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