“Environment for sports and sportspersons in Sikkim is conducive and I urge all the fellow athletes to advantage,” ; Three-time Olympian Archer Tarundeep Rai


Gangtok, Aug 7:

I represented Olympic twice before also but I was never accorded with a warm welcome like today, this is welcoming “Badlau” this shows government’s healthy intention towards sports and sportsperson shared the only Sikkimisse Olympian to participate in Tokyo Olympics 2020 Tarundeep Rai who returns home after Team India was defeated in Quarterfinals of Archery. Rai was received at Rangpo check post today by Jacob Khaling, Political Secretary to Chief Minister along with Members of Sikkim Olympic Association and members from Rangpo Nagar panchayat.

He further said today the environment for sports and sportspersons in Sikkim is conducive and I urge all the fellow athletes to take advantage of the situation fully.

He further shared “Even though I failed to win a medal but I have participated in three Olympics so I have experiences which I will be using for development of archery in Sikkim Till now I can only say that I have so many plans for State and personally to myself also. What I am going to do for my state so I will tell you later about this shared.

Rai also said “First of all, on behalf of the entire Archery team I would like to say thanks to support us besides we lose the game. As I have already apologized to the entire 1.3 billion people that we could not able to win the medal in the Olympics but though 2021 was the best Olympics games Indian Archery ever played such as for eg. Deepika reached the quarter-final and even our men’s team reach quarter-final and Atano Das reached pre-quarter. To me it’s a great achievement only the thing is we could not be able to win a medal but I am sure in my next Olympics will be held in Paris, we will definitely win medals and what we have learned is we should not go for hunting the medal till creating unnecessary pressure for the archers, We will just go if I will be there in the team, we will go and deliver our best performance and that best performance, will I hope that will convert it into the medal.


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