SDF condemned the Sikkim -Darjeeling merger issue in strongest possible word  “It’s time to drawn Laxuman Rekha “

Gangtok, July 3: 
Something is brewing so the Sikkim -Darjeeling merger issue has now created a ‘Tandav’ in the Sikkim and in the entire region and Sikkim Democratic party being a responsible opposition party want to condemned this in our strongest possible word and way. 
We are observing geopolitics of the region from the last few days and some conspiracy is brewing in the form of merger issue and we condemned the issue in our strongest possible word. There is no question of merger as Sikkim has already given the part of Darjeeling in the year 1835 as deed of grant to British and that is enough Sikkim has already given the ‘malikana hak’ so there is nothing left now shared Chief Spokesperson of SDF, MK Subba today while addressing the presser held at its party office. 
He further stated “this ongoing debate on issue is wake up call for Sikkim,  now people should wake up otherwise it will be too late and we must drawn ‘Laxuman rekha’ to control this. 
Subba also said “we are also guarded by article 371 F which is also strong enough  and even if we compare with what happened to article 370 in Kashmir that is totally different situation and the context in Kashmir people have taken up arms but in Sikkim it has not happened and merged with India with condition and Sikkim is border sensitive state so we are hopeful that center will not do any such thing” 
While Spokesperson, JB Darnal speaking on the Adhoc teacher issue said ‘they are facing huge injustice and when they gather in Education department to meet official they were not allowed and inquired by police as they have done crime which is dictatorial act of the government and we condemned this. He also said SKM in its manifesto had written that Ad-hoc teachers will be regularised in Sikkim manifesto but here I want to ask when they are going to do so. 
Since most of the Adhoc teachers come from middle-class family and teaches in government schools so it will hamper the education and families of teachers so government must not conduct walk-in interview


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