CM PS Tamang wishes PM Narendra Modi  on 2years of NDA government



Gangtok, May 29:

The Chief Minister of Sikkim Prem Singh Tamang extended his warm wishes to the NDA government on the completion of 2 years of their second term.

In his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he addressed the challenges faced by the country since last year and acknowledged the dynamic and firm leadership of the Prime Minister while dealing with the pandemic.

Speaking about the vaccines the  Chief Minister mentioned that India has been among the few nations that have been able to produce vaccines adding that more than 20 crore Indian citizens have been vaccinated to date and have supplied 6.63 crore vials to 95 countries across the world. Similarly, he also mentioned the recent production of 2DG anti-COVID drug by the Defence Research and Development Organisation 

(DRDO) which has been helping patients recover quickly, citing it as a prime example of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Further, he stated that the financial implications brought on by the pandemic have been difficult but under the leadership of the Prime Minister the country has continued with the commitment towards building public infrastructure and utilities that are necessary for lifting the masses out of poverty, ensuring equitable growth.

On matters of security, the Chief Minister lauded the efforts of the Central government on their stance against anti-social elements and preventing unrest. He also added that the persistence in planning and execution of strategies by the military and the diplomats have been successful in maintaining the territorial integrity of the country and also expressed his gratitude to them.

He also highlighted the three bills related to the agriculture reforms which will assist in moving away from the system left by the British which were not fair. The Chief Minister believes that these reforms will establish a favourable system in the country and benefit the farmers. He commended the  Prime  Minister for his compassion towards the marginalized sections of the society.

Towards the end, the  Chief Minister thanked the  Prime Minister for his love and support for the Sikkimese people and his intervention towards helping the people of Sikkim during these trying times.



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