Yambong Eco-Tourism Committee is showing a way how to protect ‘Common Resource’


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Sujal Pradhan,

The non-profit organization – Yambong Eco-tourism Committee (YEC) is managing tourism affairs in Yambong valley with the assistance from local populace.

Yambong boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna, including – Blood Pheasant and spectacular views of world’s third highest peak – Mt Khangchenzdong; thereby attracting trekkers from all over the globe. 

Photography; Tsang PoPhotography by Tsang Po

One will be astound to experience the flocks of birds, especially some rarest species like – Dusky Thrush & Red-throated and black-throated thrush hybrid, different varieties of pheasants, Rhododendron valley, and the unspoiled grandeur of the Himalaya during this season. 

Photography; Tsang PoPhotography by Tsang Po

Meanwhile, the Yambong Ecotourism Committee organizes a cleanliness drive in the Yambong hamlet on a regular basis to maintain the cleanliness. 

Photography by Tsang Po

The Committee is striving to work for the welfare of its members (trekking service providers) also called as Ecotourism Service Providers (ESP).

Its primary goal is to promote community-based eco-friendly tourism, assist in the protection and preservation of the rich natural and cultural values, provide alternative livelihoods, ensure equal opportunity for all local communities, provide better services to trekking parties for a successful trek, monitor all unlawful activities and the negative impact of tourism, maintain a cordial relationship with the administrators, and inform the public about various development schemes (the local communities)

Photography by Tsang Po


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