Vaccination drive for document less residents of Laal Bazaar  



Sikkim Review

Gangtok, July 21:

As many as 200 people of the Lall Bazaar ward without prescribed documents for vaccination were vaccinated today in a special vaccination drive executed and coordinated by Councillor Laal Bazaar Ashok Kr Prasad at the Thakubari vaccination center. Among vaccinated today mostly are from Nepal working as porters.

Councillor Laal Bazaar ward Ashok Kr Prasad shared “we received information from the health department that persons without documents are also eligible for vaccination and immediately we with party karyakartas started to list out the names in our ward and nearly 200 people have been  identified for them we arranged vaccination driver today and we are still trying to find out more people and in coming days in different wards similar people with documents will get vaccines. In today’s drive, people mostly from Nepal were vaccinated those who are working as porter here and don’t poses documents.

Must tell here Health ministry has already made it clear that “Ministry is cognizant of the need for facilitating COVID-19 vaccination for all people,         and especially the vulnerable groups who may not possess any of the seven prescribed Identity Cards. The Ministry has also received several representations from various state governments and agencies/organizations regarding COVID-19 Vaccination of such people who do not have any of the seven prescribed Identity Cards, required for verification before vaccination.

In this context, there is need to provide special consideration to vulnerable population of the country, as these beneficiaries are also at risk of exposure to COVID-19 infection and the consequent squeal and outcomes of the disease, during the pandemic. Further they may not have any official Photo ID card like other citizens, but COVID-19 Vaccination services may not be denied  in absence of  Identity Proofs.



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