Temi Tea sold at record-breaking price of Rs 7,500 per kg in the open bid sale


Sikkim Review

Gangtok, April 11:

The first flush of Temi Tea has fetched a record-breaking price of Rs 7,500 per kg in the open bid sale of current cropping season, 2022. Temi Tea Estate is currently harvesting its first flush tea leaves, The current spell of rain is useful for tea garden in harvesting a good crop, The Temi Tea management is hopeful of manufacturing a minimum of 90,000 kg made tea in the current season.

Temi Tea Estate has already manufactured 10 lots of tea which were placed for open bid sale, the tea received tremendous response from tea traders. One lot of first flush tea fetched Rs 7,500 per kg which was exported to Korea, the other lots of tea also fetched good price of Rs 6000 per kg, Rs 5100 per kg and Rs 4500 per kg. The main reasons for the good price for the tea is attributed to tea leaf plucking; only a bud and two leaves are plucked for manufacturing tea. The ‘Golden Tippy’ appearance of made tea and ‘Orange flowery’ liquor of tea are in great demand among tea connoisseur of the world.

The manufacturing process and marketing team of Temi Tea Estate are committed to manufacture the finest quality of tea and in finding a proper market for this premium tea. Temi Tea also known for its rich medicinal values especially anti-inflammatory effects


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