State vet polyclinic saved the life of Himalayan black bear


Sikkim Review

Gangtok, Jan 14:

A rescued Himalayan Black Bear from the State Zoo was referred to the State Veterinary Polyclinic under AH & Veterinary Services Department for emergency treatment to save its life.

The black bear had a self-inflicted major injury on its right forelimb, which would result in septicemia, with a grave prognosis. The Bear had mutilated forelimb beyond repair due to significant loss of soft tissue and multiple irreparable fracture of the Right Forelimb.

The team of Veterinarians in the State Poly Clinic on assessing the conditions of the Bear found it appropriate to perform reconstructive surgery of a right forelimb and amputate the irreparable portion of forelimb from humerus bone.

The surgical team was led by Dr Diki Palmu Sherpa, Superintendent, SVPC along with Dr. Karma Dorjee Bhutia, Dr Basant Ramudamu, Dr Menuka Gurung, Dr Devendra Manger, Dr Sajivhang Limboo, Dr Thinlay Ongmoo Lepcha and Dr. Pema Salden Bhutia. The Vet team was assisted by Vet-Aides Hissay Dorjee Bhutia, Phurba Tsh. Bhutia, Dupchen Bhutia and Sonam Lepcha.

All necessary surgical materials and medicines including anesthetics from the poly clinic was used as per the standard reconstructive surgical procedure on the bear. The surgical procedure took about 75 minutes. After surgical procedure, the bear recovered smoothly from anesthesia and is currently being given post-operative care at the Zoo Hospital of State Himalayan Zoo.

This reconstructive surgery on a wild bear is historic and it is first of it kind in the state.  The Himalayan black bear is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The contribution, effort and technical skills of the veterinarians of the State Veterinary Poly Clinic is commendable and is at par with the any set standards on reconstructive surgery in the veterinary field.

The Secretary, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Dr. P. Senthil Kumar appreciated the team of Veterinary Doctors of the State Poly Clinic on their achievement and complimented them in person and assured all the support for further strengthening the State Poly Clinic. 



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