Sikkim’s organic certification body to certify 21 thousand hectares of land in Ladakh


Sikkim State Organic Certification Agency (SSOCA) has started its organic certification activities in the Ladakh, SSOCA to certify nearly 21 thousand hectares of land in Ladakh shared Agriculture and Horticulture Minister LN Sharma to Sikkim Review. 

Minsiter said “Sikkim is the first State in the country to bring all the agricultural land under organic management and to ensure continuity of the organic status, an autonomous organization under the State Government has been created with a separate cadre as SSOCA. This agency will render organic certification activities in the State, country and other parts of the world so now our organisation is certifying lands or soil in other state which great in itself but this happened only because of our visionary chief minister PS Tamang. He also said this will create many opportunities in future. 

Sikkim State Organic Certification Agency (SSOCA) is an autonomous organization established under the Sikkim Government in the year 2015 with the financial support of Government of Sikkim. The Government of Sikkim assigned work to SSOCA to certify Organic Production and processing system in the State and country as per National and International Organic Standards. The SSOCA intends to provide an institutional mechanism for inspection and certification of organic production, processing and trade in India.

SIKKIM STATE ORGANIC CERTIFICATION AGENCY (in short SSOCA) operates from Extreme North of the Country to the Extreme South i.e its work is extended from the region of Ladakh to Kerala and Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat. Its geographical area of operation is throughout India. Presently SSOCA is operating its work in UT Ladakh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, North Eastern States of India, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Goa & Kerala. And in near future SSOCA is intending to extend its geographical area of operation globally.

Minister also briefed about their recent visit to New Delhi and said “we met different ministers and we apprised about our various initiative taken by state. He also informed on the recent development in dairy sector in Sikkim and informed on the sharp rise witnessed in the production of milk after the initiation of financial incentives of Rs. Eight/per liter by the state government and further urged the Union Government to extend cooperation in providing financial assistance.





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