Sikkim bans milk from other states effective from 19th Jan

Sikkim Review
Gangtok, Jan 17: 
Sikkim government has decided not to allow milk from outside state. Government of Sikkim in a notification released today temporarily banned milk packaged in pouches or milk cans which originate from outside Sikkim.
The order applicable from 19th January states, “In view of the safety of consumers in the state, the Government of Sikkim is to temporarily refuse the entry of milk originating from outside the state from private entities either raw or processed, which is packaged in pouches or in milk cans, for selling to consumers within Sikkim.”
“Random quality tests and consumer observations of these milk supplies from private entities report that such milk sources either are not meeting the quality requirements or are inconsistent in their quality standards.”
“As of now, such milk sources are not being regulated and monitored for quality assurance by the state of Sikkim including for its handling, processing, and maintenance of cold chain. 
“Further, the manual handling on the surface area of these milk pouches and milk cans are very high, the chances of spreading of COVID-19 through these means are also very high,” the notification states.


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