Reduce, reuse and recycle appeals NGO Lakshya to Gangtokians


Sikkim Review 

Gangtok, Dec 12:

“Reducing waste should be top of mind year-round and people should reduce and reuse as much as possible so we can minimize the amount of waste we generate” this was the main message of the Non Governmental Organisation  Lakshya which has now started their anti plastic campaign in Sikkim. Lakshya, with an aim to create awareness to reduce, reuse, recycle and plastic litter free city Delhi based  Non Governmental Organisation  Lakshya – a society for social and environmental development has started its signature campaign here at MG Marg. It is being organised in association with Gangtok Municipal Corporation. Today is the first day of their campaign and in the coming day they organised various other campaigns also and the team Lakshya will remain in Sikkim for a month.
The main aim of this signature campaign is to create awareness among the common people after creating awareness only we would be able to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the plastic but our stress would be to minimise the use of plastic overall shared Sumant Shekhar, Founder and CEO Lakshya.
While Deepti Bhatnagar, Director Lakshya said “the purpose of this signature campaign is to encourage the people about segregation of plastic waste at the source so that it can be disposed properly and also it’s recycling ratio can be improved. During this campaign members of Lakshya Family are spreading awareness among the people about the 3R concept i.e. reduce, reuse & recycling of plastic.

We are spreading messages like using reusable bag when shopping and say no to single-use items such as plastic bags, receipts, and extra packaging, save gift bags, gift wrap, ribbons and bows and reuse decorations each year, recycle right and properly dispose of holiday waste, break down and flatten cardboard boxes and place them in the Blue Bin (recycling) and many more shared Bhatnagar.


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