Pakyong sub-division, which is home to over 1 lakh people, will soon be fully functioning district from 2022 as District Formation Committe Pakyong gears up for ground work.


Gangtok, June 21:

District Formation Committe for Pakyong has started its ground work, initial work for demarcation; necessary offices set up planning have been completed. District Formation Committee (Pakyong) is headed by MLA Namcheybong constituency and Advisor Excise department as Chairman and MLA Rhenock Bishnu Kumar Khatiwada as Chief Advisor. Committee members led by Chairman and Chief Advisor along with other advisors and member secretary today visited Pakyong bazaar and interacted with people and civil society members.  Must tell here Sikkim Legislative assembly in its budget session has passed the resolution for the formation of two new districts of Soreng and Pakyong which are presently subdivisions. Budget heads have also been created for both the proposed districts and fund 2 cr each to both the districts have also been allocated. The district will have three sub divisions of Pakyong, Rongli and Rangpo. Five assembly constituencies of West Pendam, Rhenock, Chujachen, Gnathong-Machong and Namcheybung fall under it. It has nearly 1.2 lakh population.

Namcheybong MLA Em Prasad Sharma shared in the year 2019 during assembly session demand for creation of Pakyong and Soreng as new district was placed and which was supported by MLA Bishnu Kumar Khatiwda and Soreng MLA Aditya Golay and CM had promised the same and today amid this difficult time passed a resolution in assembly for creation of two new districts for which we the people of Pakyong sub-division would like to present our sincere thanks towards CM Prem Singh Tamang.  Not only announcement but budget heads were also created and 2 crore each also allocated we are really grateful.

He also shared residents of Pakyong have suffered a lot because for all official work they have to rush to Gangtok and it would take day long to reach Gangtok on top of it traffic jam.  The demand for separate district is long demand and first time the demand was raised in the year 1999 by JK Bhandari but district was not created till date but SKM led government in its just two years of its government declared this added MLA Em Prasad Sharma. He also shared we will first work for the development or rather building district hospital, creations of jobs for educated youths as the airport is also in Pakyong create employment we can adjust youth in jobs, as per the our requirement and suggestions from intellectuals and civil society we will need 41 department and  28 are already functioning and offices set up how to adjust other offices and space scouting plan we have drawn and we have started working on sewerage system playground 306 acres govt. land utilization where it. We are planning to make temporary offices in private buildings and by 2022 we will make Pakyong a fully functioning district.  

The district will have three sub-divisions of Pakyong, Rongli and Rangpo. Five assembly constituencies of West Pendam, Rhenock, Chujachen, Gnathong-Machong and Namcheybong fall under it. It has nearly 1.2 lakh population. The district will have 2 colleges and 10 Senior Secondary schools. It will be the only district to have both an airport and a railway station.

While Chief Advisor of the District Formation Committee and Rhenock MLA Bishnu Kumar Khatiwada said this is new gift for Pakyong sub-division we would like to thank the government for quickly resolving the issue rather demand. Earlier government d also many times assured and gave a speech that it will be declared district but it remained in speeches only but SKM with Paribartan slogan has immediately addressed the issue for people of Pakyong and created the district now from today onwards we will work hard with all the members of formation committee including of SDM, ADC and other officials to make Pakyong as best district. 


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