Notification barring government employee for holding executive posts in organisation is condemn worthy: Ganesh Rai


Sikkim Review 

Gangtok, June 1:

The notification issued by the Government of Sikkim dated 31st May 2022 restricting government employees from holding any executive posts in organisations/ associations is highly condemnable and is an effort similar to one made by the previous government to restrict the involvement of the any government employees which had to be withdrawn soon after issuing it.

Non- governmental organisations/ associations play a pivotal role in the holistic development of our society. Every citizen of this country has a basic rights, right to participate and further the growth and strengthen our society irrespective of the occupation they are involved in. In a state like Sikkim where the state government is the biggest employer the impact of this rule would we felt more strongly as this rule would not allow them to be a part of well being of the community which many of these organisations/ associations promote.

Reform Call believes that the government employees of Sikkim are an integral part of our society and have played an integral role in the development of the state in every aspect and to withhold their involvement in any organisation would be detrimental to the  cause of the development of the state. We believe that the government employees have all the right to be involved in all organisations and perhaps, even have the freedom to express their political thoughts and concerns without fear and prejudice.

Therefore, we strongly demand that the government withdraws this notification at the earliest. Furthermore, we demand that the government should look at banning members of any political parties from being associated with any organisations as they tend to add political bias and colour to the organisation that they join. It was informed by Ganesh Rai , Reform Call, Melli, South Sikkim through press release.


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