MLA D.R Thapa visits External Affairs Ministry to take stock of the Ukraine situation


Sikkim Review

Gangtok, Feb 25:

Going extra mile, BJP MLA from Upper Burtuk constituency visited the External Affairs Ministry to take stock of the Ukraine situation and Sikkimese people.  After his discussion with Ministry of State for External Affairs, Dr. Rajkumar Ranjan Singh yesterday (24/02/2022), D.R Thapa visited the External Affairs ministry today morning to receive more clarity on the situation in Ukraine so that the parents of Sikkimese students could be made aware of the same. In the meeting, he personally inquired about the well-being of Sikkimese students in Ukraine. He was informed by the official that all the students were safe and are being monitored by the Indian Embassy in Ukraine. The ministry has established a Ukraine Emergency Help Line to facilitate the travel of around 20,000 Indians stuck in Ukraine among which 18,000 are students. Mr. Thapa was assured by the officials that all possible measures are being taken to evacuate the students as soon as possible. Mr. Thapa also requested the Ministry to provide any necessary items required by the students.  Meanwhile, Mr. Thapa was asked to communicate to Sikkimese students in Ukraine that if they have not gotten in touch with the embassy, they should do so immediately and follow the advisories issued by the Embassy from time to time. Mr. Thapa will be in continuous contact with the Ministry until the evacuation and will be providing important updates directly to the parents of stranded students


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