State government implemented “One Nation One Ration Card” on behest of the BJP government : Passang Sherpa 

Gangtok, July 30: 
Contrary to what the state Government has guaranteed that One Nation One Ration Card will not dilute article 371 F, Social and Political Activist Passang Sherpa said it does dilute article 371 F, this is just not the implementation of “One Nation One Ration Card” but there is a bigger conspiracy behind this move. The sanctity of Article 371 F is under threat. 
          Sherpa said it is very dangerous for distinct identity of Sikkim and it has somehow degraded the identity which was given to Sikkim under article 371 F in first place and Government of Sikkim Act 1974 which is old law protected under article 371 F and further under old law food supply is under state subject and in case any changes need to be done then it has to be passed by state assembly but government of Sikkim has failed to bring in assembly rather they directly implemented One Nation One Ration Card on the behest of the BJP government in the center to please their bosses to safe their chairs and their government, they have played with the sentiment of Sikkim and they have degraded the sentiments of Sikkim and Sikkimese people. 
When it was asked that what will be the next course of action as the scheme has already been passed then he replied ” we will be inviting all the associations, political parties to have a discussion on this and we will certainly protest this at state-level we will take this to national level also and we will make sure even if it has to implemented then there should be ILP implemented. 
Also said another threat is also there that Ease of Doing business which is equally dangerous as Sikkim is yet to have the Companies Act.


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