No Yield from Economic Revival Committee: Social and Political Activist Passang Sherpa


Sikkim Review

Gangtok, May 23:

It is very unfortunate that the State Economic Revival Committee which was constituted during the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic in Sikkim has not able to produce any report as of yet this shows the negligence of government towards revving the economy and lack of commitment towards the people of Sikkim hence State Economic Revival Committee has not yielded any result till date since its formation said Social and Political Activist Passang Sherpa while addressing the presser in Gangtok today.

In one side, we all are living under the fear of Covid -19 and in other side our drivers, hoteliers, restaurant owners, travel owners, tour operators and other those who are working in other businesses has been badly affected by the pandemic, economy has shattered but SERC led by Economic Advisor Mahindra P Lama has not done anything, they don’t have road maps how state is going revive its economy, what about the compensation to the mentioned stakeholders. Has government doing anything on this area asked Passang Sherpa. What kind of relief the government will provide to stakeholders? He posed a question. Instead of focusing in t his area, the government is busy with the all kinds of publicity of their frontal organisations in this pandemic period added Sherpa.

Passang Sherpa also raised his serious concern over the unavailability of the vaccines in the state and said I was hopeful that the recently held meeting of the government would drawn the road map for the mass vaccination in state but they didn’t instead they extend the lockdown, yes I agree lockdown is important to break the chain but vaccination is important at this moment. At this moment MPs, OSDs, Sikkim Development and Reform Board whose Vice Chairman is Sunil Sarogi must come forward to lobby mass vaccination to safe the Sikkimese people. He also added other States have already taken initiative in this regard but unfortunately, no such thing is seen in Sikkim. No negotiations have started and neither there is a time frame target for vaccinating the masses.


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