“Know Your Valuable Plants” different way to celebrate environment day 2021


To mark World Environment Day 2021, residents of Tumin, Raley and Kokaley in East Sikkim have initiated an innovative approach. A group of self-motivated people have been taking on-line meetings with social leaders, retired officers, traditional practitioners and youth over the topic “Know Your Valuable Plants”.

The idea behind this initiative is the recognition of socially and religiously valuable plants & identifying strategy towards making them accessible for general outreach in larger interest of the ecosystem.

Discussion is being organised in a series to identify those plants that were abundant earlier, but are gradually becoming scanty and often unavailable when they are needed for medicinal or social purpose.

The move is expected to aid a new energy amongst young generation in knowing their role in local ecosystem as also their relation with birds, wildlife, animals and human beings.

Noted plant conservators and traditional practitioners like M.B. Subba, B.K. Parsi, Yedu Gautam and Retired officers were also connected over the online platform as Guest Speakers to share their ideas.

The second meeting of the series was held on 13th June 2021. Despite facing challenges of unfavourable climate and busy farming activities, people around have been encouraging the elite group to have such discussions on weekly intervals for participation and advantages of large section of people. The team believes that it is one idea to stay connected during this pandemic and a multi-dimensional approach to refresh knowledge on plants found in our surroundings that are of vital importance. The team is planning to organise such meetings in near future involving social motivators and resource speakers to address the community. Special efforts will be made to encourage participation of school students in these deliberations. 


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