Only Infrastructural development doesn’t guarantee quality education said K N Lepcha Education during Quality Education Conclave in Gyalshing


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Gangtok, March 17:

 The Quality Education Conclave with the vision of “Transforming Education Sector in Sikkim” organised by the District Administration, Gyalshing was held at Gyalshing Girls Senior Secondary School, Kyongsa. Education minister Kunga Nima Lepcha, chaired the program as the Chief Guest who was accompanied by PHE Minister Bhim Hang Limboo, as the Special Guest for the program.

Present during the program were SM. P. Subba, Advisor (Education); D. B. Gurung, Chairman (SBS); G. P. Upadhyaya, ACS (Education); Smt. Devika Subba, Zilla Adhakshya (WDZP); Madhu Sudan Sharma,  Additional Political Secretary (West); DCs and ADCs, HoDs, Officers and dignitaries.

Minister Lepcha in his address mentioned that the inputs received from the programs are needed to improve towards quality education in Sikkim. He urged all stakeholders to ponder on the different pointers placed by the presenters which would allow them improve on achieving the theme of the conclave. He also thanked the DC Gyalshing for his commitment towards improvement of education system in Sikkim and stated that his dedication towards it is a sign that his commitment is genuine. He also stated that the infrastructural development doesn’t guarantee quality education but only with the cooperation of the teachers, Students and parents who are the three pillars for achieving quality education for which coordination amongst the three are important. He also informed the gathering towards to the Chief Minister’s vision of the improvement of education which can be seen in the present scenario and through his actions. He further stressed on the importance of education in Sikkim, future of Sikkim lies on the three pillars.

He also urged all who are inducted in the educational system to think about the future of the children whom they should train properly so that they can face the future. He then informed about the various improvements done by the Department of Education till date which included improvement of infrastructure, training of teachers, up-gradation of libraries, smart classes and Smart TVs with setup boxes for the children to be able to avail digital education which has a diverse content for the students to explore.

He also mentioned about the changes in the system of teaching and learning which have transformed to a great extent hence the present generation of teachers and academicians need to understand the concept of impartation of proper education which can help in rearing future leaders.

Limboo in his brief address touched upon the responsibilities of educational congregations and the way to improve them has already shown to them via the presentations. He stated that the investments made by the Government needs to bring forth the returns which can only be possible via collective responsibility of the stakeholders. He also expressed his sadness with the way the utilization of given infrastructure resources is currently to be at its minimum and requested the gathering to make use of the infrastructures and the opportunities provided to them. He stated that the responsibilities lie both with the staffs of the schools and parents to install such values amongst the students.


Advisor (Education), M. P. Subba, mentioned in his address that the sharing of ideas and discussions leads to creation of new initiatives and that critical analysis is needed for proper education. He stated that the strengths and weakness of the education sector are needed to be introspected by the officials. He further stated that collaboration and cooperation are the need of the hour to improve the state’s process towards quality Education.


ACS (Education) thanked the Chief Minister’s initiative to make education and health as a priority in the state. He also thanked the Government for their allocation of funds towards Education and health which is being utilised well towards making Sikkim exemplary. He also mentioned about the continuous support from Government of India towards the State’s education initiatives. He expressed his concern towards the decrease of enrolment in schools of Sikkim which the state functionaries are working to improve.

He also spoke on how educational quality matters and the cost associated with it. He mentioned that as stakeholders, all involved have a big role to play and give quality human resource to the state. Everyone including the parents need to acknowledge it and take up the responsibility and understand that education is important.


DC Gyalshing in his presentation touched upon challenges in Education, enrolment of students and its statistics, he also urged the schools to focus on Primary education, monitoring of private schools so that they too can take part in transformation of quality education in Sikkim. Lastly, he also spoke on the importance of proper teacher to pupil ration in schools which can affect the outcome of the current programs being implemented.


During the program, the Letter of gratitude by the Schools of Soreng and Gyalshing Schools was presented to Kunga Nima Lepcha for his dedicated support towards the Education in Sikkim.


Prior to the Conclave the Chief Guest and Special Guest along with other dignitaries inaugurated the Science laboratories and Basketball Complex.


Lastly, Prize Distribution for toppers from Senior Secondary Schools and Secondary Schools, presentations by Heads of different schools on their Best and innovative practices of Schools under West District was also showcased along from cultural events by different schools


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