Esports Organization of Sikkim to build gaming community  Video games a tool to tackle drug addiction


Sikkim Review 

Gangtok, March 12:

We play video games or we have played video games at some point of time as a hobby or pastime or for fun but you can play the video game as a profession also this is what The E-sports Organization of Sikkim (ESOS) want to say to all game players. And to spread the same message ESOS today organised a friendly match of Mobile Legend game between the teams of Gangtok and Darjeeling in a local restaurant. This is for the first such event being organised.

E-sports may have been created as a leisure activity but through these years, it has emerged as a productive activity. Many gamers have achieved attractive opportunities at a global level through E-sports. However, gamers in Sikkim who have equal calibre have a lack of access to these opportunities so this is a small step to encourage gamers to share one of the members of ESOS.

While another member shared, through this event, we aim to offer all the gamers a platform where they can showcase their skills and compete on a national platform. We strive to help gamers progress their gaming career and get the rewards they deserve. Hence, we would be honoured to have your gracious presence in this friendly yet fierce clash and increase this event’s significance further. 

While adding another aspect of gaming Co founder of ESOS Wangchuk T Kaji shared “we are using this game as a tool to break drug addiction and in some cases we have been able to do so and many of our friends have successfully recovered so this step is against drug abuse also. Playing visually interesting games occupies the mental processes which decrease the drug addiction



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