DIPR started news bulletin with sign language interpretation


Sikkim Review 

Gangtok, March 16:

With an aim to provide information to people with hearing loss the Information and Public Relations Department, Government of Sikkim, will now broadcast the news bulletin with sign language interpretation. This initiative aims to enhance the accessibility of digital news programme for people with hearing loss by using sign language to help them understand and comprehend better.

With the vision of disseminating information and news to every citizen, this initiative is a step towards making everyone aware and informed about the current news and activities happening around the world. 

In accordance to ‘The Rights of Persons with Disability Act, 2016’, it is the responsibility of the government to take effective measures in order to ensure that every person with disability should always have their rights and protection ensured. In this regard the IPR Department hopes to strengthen this responsibility by making an effort to introduce Sign Language News for broadcast from today.


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