CM would not become a CM, if we ten MLA would not have joined BJP party: BJP MLA DT Lepcha


Sikkim Review

Gangtok, Dec 8;

Senior political leader and former three time minister in SDF led government DT Lepcha now MLA from Bharatiya Janta Party for Gnathang –Machong constituency today made a bold statement by saying “Perhaps CM would not become a CM, if we ten MLA would not have joined BJP party or BJP was not there, what would be there during the by poll so whatever we did we did in the interest of Sikkim”. He was answering the question put up by the reporter and the question was “When it was asked that there are rumours and allegation that BJP is blackmailing the government and trying to topple the government how you would see this issue?

When it was asked that BJP and SKM is in alliance and BJP has not gin much this alliance what’s your thought then he said “the alliance between BJP and SKM is not ‘dignified alliance’, it is just an eye wash and in the interest Sikkim we joined BJP he justified his joining to BJP party after two and half year later of joining.” Why all of sudden this bold statement came from such a senior leader? is a must asked question now or is there any political development is awaiting in Sikkim ahead of Panchayat poll ? Only time will tell.  

MLA DT Lepcha made this statement while interacting with the media persons today after attending last day of Assembly session. This is the first the time in this tenure he has made this sort of statement who was silence till date in his last two and half year of this term tenure. This development comes at a time when people are already sceptical about BJP and SKM alliance and this would probably open new debate in Sikkim’s society in political discourse.

Lepcha speaking on the issue of Limboo Tamang seat reservation in Sikkim Legislative Assembly which is one of long pending political demands of Sikkim “he said in the year 2006 present CM was there as a part of the committee as a minister why he didn’t speak that time and why blaming earlier government and question why they have not formed any committee unlike SDF led government have formulated a Burman Commission to provide seat to the mentioned committee but what SKM government has done so far questioned Lepcha as he was not satisfied with the explanation given during the assembly hours as CM blamed former government for delay they should also do some concrete work he added. And if they come up with any formula then we will also support them after seeing their formula.

Lepcha also informed that they raised the various other issues also Karmapa, One Family One Job and other issue time and again.   



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