Chakra Pani Bhattarai resigns from SRP


Sikkim Review

Gangtok, July 21:

Chakra Pani Bhattarai, Working President and founding member of the Sikkim Republican Party has resigned from his post and other membership of the party. Bhattarai while reasoning his resignation said “I tried to convince the party members that we should work collectively to pursue any issues or matter like our earlier generation who fight united against the feudal force for democracy but my suggestion was not taken and I thought if we are not able to make any change then what’s the use to remain in the party so I am resigning from the party”.

He further said I don’t have any issues with anyone in the party I just felt that we have failed to deliver so I have decided to stay away from the party and in future if any political party or organization comes with the agenda that is collective approach on Sikkim’s issues then I am ready to support.


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