3 Injured in alleged SKM-SDF party clash, SDF  chief Pawan Chamling demanded “President Rule”


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Gangtok, March 28:


Amid SDF-SKM party clash, SDF President Pawan Chamling met Governor Ganga Prasad and demanded President Rule in state. SDF Chief Pawan Chamling, today said “law and order situation has collapsed in the state hence president rule is need of an hour. He also said budget is supposed to be passed by 31st March but till date they have not passed budget and to pass the budget easily without any discussion they are creating this scene”


While, SDF Party in its memorandum has written time and again appraised governor regarding such matters in the past too. Hence, as the Constitutional Head of the State, we humbly request Your Honour to provide specific direction to the State authority to maintain peace as we are slowly losing faith in the functioning of the law enforcing agencies under the present incumbent Government. Your Excellency may kindly issue special orders invoking Article 371-F(g) under the Constitution of India and make arrangement to deploy central paramilitary forces in Sikkim as the Local Law enforcement agencies have collapsed in Sikkim.”


Sikkim Democratic Front said their supporters were allegedly attacked by SKM party members in a two different incidents in Gangtok after that SDF supporter’s ghearoed Sadar Thana to lodged FIR. It happened following the end of Assembly session wherein SDF Chief Pawan Chamling attended the assembly session after nearly three years.  It is alleged that stones were pelted on vehicles accompanying former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling at Nam Nam.

When the SDF workers went to the Sadar police station to file a complaint, they were again allegedly attacked near Hospital Dara. Following this, the SDF workers gathered at the police station and shouted slogans while demanding early arrest of the accused SKM workers.


Former minister and SDF leader Tshering Wangdi Lepcha spoke with senior police officers. He tells media that police have registered a case and given assurances to arrest those named in the complaint and those spotted in the CCTV footage during the assault.


Meanwhile in the evening SDF Chief Pawan Chamling today led a representation to Governor of Sikkim Ganga Prasad demanding immediate action against the culprits sponsored by the ruling party.


Memorandum reads “This is to submit that this morning while Pawan Chamling (MLA), President of the SDF Party was returning home after the first day of the ongoing budget session, the convey of vehicles escorting Pawan Chamling was attacked with stones below the Assembly Complex, within the mandated demarcated area under Section 144 CRPC which is blatant breach of Law and order. In the attack, one vehicle escorting Chamling’s cavalcade just following him was hit in the ambush, clearly the target was Chamling. The culprits involved in the incident was identified and they belong to the ruling SKM Party, who is a habitual offender. There is reliable source information that the SKM Government has managed to infiltrate many anti-social elements into Gangtok to disturb the proceedings of the ongoing Assembly Session and terrorise Pawan Chamling and the people of Sikkim. This entire illegal activities is sponsored by the ruling Party, this is evident from the fact that Ministers, MLAs, including people holding important official posts in the Government are seen present in the mob who are involved in such activities.


In view of this incident few members of the SDF Party had gone to the Sadar Police station to lodge a complaint/ FIR against the culprits.It is very unfortunate to note that while the said members of the SDF Party were going to lodge the complaint, they were physically attacked and assaulted by the supporters of the ruling Party within the Complex of the Police Station and along the National Highway in full glare of the public. In this violent incident two vehicles belonging to Shri Karma Tashi Bhutia (SK01PB6639) and Rajesh Waling (WB74S2522) were completely damaged and also Arun Basnett, Rajesh Waling and Bishal Rai were grievously injured and are hospitalised at present. Also in this attack three ladies, Rudra Rai, Indira Pradhan and Juni were manhandled, outraging the modesty of women by the SKM functionaries. Such illegal incidents and breakdown of Law and order are prevailing in Sikkim repeatedly is very unfortunate and total violation of the principles of the democracy. This type of incidents of violence and lawlessness continues unabated in a sensitive border State like Sikkim since the inception of the incumbent SKM Government which not only threatens the peace and tranquillity of Sikkim but also is harmful for the overall security of the Nation.


Meanwhile, SKM in its press release said “this is whole scenario is orchestrated by SDF as usual. Before 2014 election also they murdered NK Gurung(alleged murder)  and put blame on SKM party.



Must tell SDF Chief Pawan Chamling today attended the budget session after almost 3 years of gap ever since un-parliamentary word was used against him in assembly after 2019 election.


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