Sikkim government form committee to tackle Mucormycosis (black fungus)


State government form committee to tackle  Mucormycosis (black fungus) 
Gangtok, May 24:
Sikkim, which is already battling with a furious second coronavirus wave with more than 33 percent of current positivity rate, now facing another challenge in the form of Mucormycosis, commonly known as black fungus and first being reported from Siliguri (West Bengal) So in order to tackle this new challenge the State government form a committee to advise on the treatment of Mucormycosis and today first meeting of the committee was held.


Director General cum Secretary Health department Dr. Pemba T Bhutia while talking to media shared “the black fungus, medically mucormycosis has been detected in neighbouring state and we also came to know one case is being reported from Siliguri now have to be very prepared with it because before any case come to you have to prepare to tackle it because once it came by the time preparing you are too late so regarding that we had meeting today and as per the executive meeting which was held on 22nd May after the instruction from high-level to form a committee and that same constituted the committee and I am the Chairman of the committee and today we had a first round of the meeting to discuss on Mucormycosis”. He further added “in anything there are three stages of treatment first is prevention followed by treatment and last surgery. Today we discussed every aspect; we discussed with medical specialists, Neuro surgeon and all the concern officials, we also discussed about availability of medicine, since all the medicine related to Covid -19 governed by Government of India and at present we don’t have medicines and I have ordered Directors to go for the procurement of the medicine and Chief Drug Inspector to maintain buffer stock and we also discussed financial part and we have managed budget also. We have even directed medical staffs to take all necessary preventive measures.”


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