Sikkim Covers 50% Vaccination


Gangtok, June 18:

Sikkim has covered nearly 50 percent of the vaccination doses. Till date nearly 2, 86,596 doses have been administered in Sikkim with first dose while 59,899 people have been administered with both the doses all together 3, 46,495 number of people have been vaccinated which is half of Sikkim’s population so it can be interpreted as nearly 50 % of the Sikkim’s population have been vaccinated if go by 2020 population which says Sikkim has 6.79 lakh population. Sikkim has 89 vaccination centres including 5 private centres at present. District wise data are as follows till date in east district 1, 60,129 number of vaccine have been administered including today’s 5,063 doses, similarly in west district 70,034 have been administered including today’s 3,201doses, in North district 23,963 doses have administered including today’s 417 and in south district 92,369 doses have been administered including 5,707 today. Meanwhile, Sikkim today saw 162 fresh cases and 166 patients recovered and 3 deaths reported. Today’s recovery rate was recorded 81.9% and 11.4 % positivity rate from total 1411 conducted tests. Now total active case tally has reached 2900 and 29 deaths. Total confirmed cases 19058. Probably the Sikkim is very few state which complete vaccination of 50% of the population. 


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