State Tobacco Control Cell, Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Sikkim has issued a message on WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY which falls on 31st May. The message reads tobacco is number one preventable cause of death globally. To address the greatest killer the world community is working on Tobacco Control. Many states and cities in the country are working towards declaration themselves as smoke-free cities/states. Sikkim has made great progress in the implementation of Tobacco Control laws which has been appreciated by many forums, national and international organizations. Globally Tobacco kills more than 7 million people every year, In India alone, 10-12 lakhs people die annually due to Tobacco-related diseases. In the context of our state, this has been a major public health challenge. Tobacco is harmful to human health. Tobacco causes long and short-term health effects. There are different diseases associated with use of Tobacco products like oral cancers, respiratory diseases, Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Diseases, Heart Diseases, Stroke, Aortic Aneurysm, Oral Cancer, Cataracts. Tobacco use has also been a detrimental factor for the spread of COVID 19 viruses. In general, tobacco uses effects the entire part of the body (head to foot). So we should refrain ourselves from tobacco uses. Once we are caught in a giant wheel of addiction it is very hard to come out of this. World Health organization came out with the idea of observing World No Tobacco Day in the year 1987.

31st May is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day to highlight the risk associated with Tobacco and encourage the user to adopt a resolution to quit the habits/reduce smoking and other tobacco uses.  Globally every year 31st May is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day. The Theme this year given by World Health Organization is “commit to Quit”  The focus of theme is creating awareness about the health risk posed by consumption of tobacco, link between tobacco use and COVID 19 and other non communicable disease and to support people worldwide to give up tobacco through various initiative and digital solutions.

World No Tobacco Day is a good opportunity to raise awareness about the health risks posed by the consumption of Tobacco and link between tobacco and COVID 19 and other non communicable diseases where tobacco is a risk factor.

Observation of  World No Tobacco Day at various State, District and Block level, Enforcement drive on tobacco control laws at various public places, disbursement of leaflets, pamphlets, IEC materials on harmful effects of tobacco, awareness activities like road shows, painting/slogan competition for children, say no to tobacco use pledge taking ceremony in various  offices, schools and colleges are some of the basic activities besieged for  Observance of World No Tobacco Day 2021.

However, keeping in consideration the surging of second wave of COVID 19 Pandemic and strict lockdown protocols in the state, it has become a challenge to carry out the activities in public platforms/Publicly.

Therefore, on the occasion of “World No Tobacco Day 31st May 2021, through the medium of print/digital/social media, I on behalf of State Tobacco Control Cell, Health and Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Sikkim would like to extend my heartiest greetings to everyone and also appeal to everyone (users & non-users) to come together and take a pledge SAY “NO TO TOBACCO”.

It was informed by Dr. Baroon Subba,   State Nodal Officer,  State Tobacco Control Cell, Health & Family Welfare department through a press communique.       


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